Heads Up - we have a new case of abuse


Please check this out. It looks like in Georgia there is a case that needs urgent attention. The story behind the case is interesting because it is the grand daughter who has claimed that she had medical power of attorney over her grandmother. There is a suspicion that the grand daughter has been defrauding her grandmother. Mae's other family members have intervened and they are seeking our help to ensure that feeding is resumed.

This case is not the same as Terri's case. It might be that there is a clear cut case of fraudulent activity by the grand daughter. She lied about having the medical power of attorney, plus she has ignored the living will that Mae had signed. If this woman has been made guardian then there could be very little that the family can do to override any decisions that she makes on behalf of her grandmother.

So, anyone who is in a position to help, please do everything possible to save Mae's life.