Heads Up - we have a new case of abuse


Please check this out. It looks like in Georgia there is a case that needs urgent attention. The story behind the case is interesting because it is the grand daughter who has claimed that she had medical power of attorney over her grandmother. There is a suspicion that the grand daughter has been defrauding her grandmother. Mae's other family members have intervened and they are seeking our help to ensure that feeding is resumed.

This case is not the same as Terri's case. It might be that there is a clear cut case of fraudulent activity by the grand daughter. She lied about having the medical power of attorney, plus she has ignored the living will that Mae had signed. If this woman has been made guardian then there could be very little that the family can do to override any decisions that she makes on behalf of her grandmother.

So, anyone who is in a position to help, please do everything possible to save Mae's life.


Ken said...

I am so glad to see that you have taken up this issue. There is a clear agenda being represented here! It is an agenda of euthanasia. The killing of innocent people who are not terminal serves as a tool to support the solvency of social programs. The US government, Liberal Democrats and Republicans, do not work to stop it because they can use it to kill off millions of recipients, thus reducing the payout. The Vatican warned us about this last month. It was ignored by most, however it is quickly coming to fruition. America and every other nation is seeing the liberal agenda destroy every moral fortification built over the last 2000 years. If we as Christians do not stand up now and fight back against this force of evil, we will be overcome and anti-Christianity will usher in the endtimes during our lifetimes. Thanks Maggie for this forum, if you haven't heard the interview with Ken Mullinax Mae's nephew, you can stream it here.


You may want to link to it on your posts.

Maggie4life said...

Hi Ken,
thankfully this was one of the stories that turned out well. The judge did what he could for Mae. In the end she passed away as a result of a stroke.

Around the same time that Mae passed away my own sister died as a result of recently diagnosed bone cancer. This has been a very big blow to me

Maggie said...

I need to add here that Mae passed away peacefully in a nursing home with food in her belly and the result of natural causes.

Her death, rather than being a tragedy came in its natural time.

There is a season for everything under heaven, including a time for dying, but that time is not ours to determine. It is time that belongs to the Creator alone